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How to Fix Amazon Loading Slowly in Firefox

I’m a Firefox user. No good reason for it other than I’m a creature of habit. And I like foxes.

I’m also an Amazon user. Unfortunately, these two things (Firefox and Amazon) go together about as well as… something great… and something else that’s also great but it hates the first thing. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better metaphor than oil and water but I didn’t want to be predictable.

amazon loading animation
Just when you think Amazon is done loading, this pops up again.

Anytime I go to, the page just keeps loading and every action is painfully slow. When I scroll, the page lags for a second because it’s decided it has to load more. This, my friend, is not what you would call a “good user experience”.

You having this problem too? Good news! I just learned how to completely fix it and in a second I’ll tell you the ridiculously easy way I did it.

What’s the Problem, Amazon?

After a little searching and combing through forum posts, I finally came across this Reddit thread.

Turns out (according to that thread) Amazon is using some kind of hackey JavaScript loading that doesn’t play nice with Firefox. In order to get around that, you need to turn off – or block – some of Amazon’s code that Firefox is getting hung up on.

Even better news is, you don’t have to know how to do technical stuff to make this happen. All you need is Adblock Plus and a line of code that you can copy and paste.

Credit goes to Redditor chyiz from that Reddit thread for the solution. But it’s not exactly written as step-by-step instructions. It’s more like “just add this filter to your ad blocker” which is probably not enough instruction for a lot of folks. So here’s the same solution with a little more detail for anyone who needs more help making it happen.

Steps to Fix Amazon Slowness in Firefox

First, make sure you have Adblock Plus installed for Firefox. The Reddit thread suggests uBlock, but I use Adblock Plus so I’m writing instructions for that.

Just follow this link and click the “add to Firefox” button to install Adblock Plus.

Once that’s good and installed, you should see a little stop sign icon near the top right of your Firefox window.

adblock plus logo

Click the stop sign, then select “Filter Preferences…” from the menu that appears.

A little window will pop up. On the left side of that window, near the top, click “Add Filter Group“. Give this new group a name – something like Amazon – then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Now, with your Amazon (or whatever you named it) filter group highlighted, go over to the right side of the window near the top and click the “Add Filter” button.

Paste the following line into the input field that appears:


After you paste, hit Enter on your keyboard.

If you’re not in the US, you might want to add another filter with the amazon domain extension your country uses such as:


Hit Enter again after pasting any additional filters.

Now, you can close that window, and open Amazon. If you had Amazon open already that’s cool. Just refresh the page.

What Does this Hack Actually Fix? What Should I See In Amazon?

Amazon might still take longer to load than other websites, but you won’t get the constant loading and re-loading that you were seeing before. The filter you just created only applies to Amazon, so it shouldn’t affect your browsing experience anywhere else you use Firefox.

You might not be able to watch Amazon product videos or review videos with this filter running. If that bothers you, either add these two filters to your Adblock Plus (same steps as above)…


…or just disable Adblock Plus on Amazon while you watch the product video, then enable it again when you’re done watching.

I haven’t tried to complete a purchase yet, but the Reddit thread makes it seem like purchases and most other behavior on are not affected by this fix.

I hope that helps! If you try this, let me know in the comments if Amazon stops running so slow in Firefox!

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  1. Adblock plus doesn’t show filter preferences when you open it now. How do you use it?

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