Hong Kong via Tokyo – Adventures in Airports

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Watch our Short Layover in Tokyo

The Only Time I’ve Been Happy To Miss A Flight

We’re back from an insane three week trip to Hong Kong!

Our itinerary had us flying from Washington DC to New Jersey and then on to Hong Kong. When the first flight was delayed it looked like we would miss our connection in New Jersey. Thankfully, the United customer service people were able to re-route us.

Pro Tip: when it looks like you’re going to be delayed/miss a flight ask for help ASAP instead of going through with the delayed flight and missing your connection.

The new flight had us traveling from Washington, DC to the Narita Tokyo International Airport and then on to Hong Kong. I’ve wanted to go to Japan for years, and the idea of even a short layover made me squeal like an anime character.

Before we left DC, we had to stock up on gluten free junk food. We’d arranged for GF meals on our original flights, but the last minute change meant there was no way to get our special meals prepared and packed on the plane.

Gummy bears and potato chips in hand, we embarked on my first ever trip to Asia.

A Brief Adventure in Japan

Thirteen hours of hurtling through the sky in a metal tube later, and we finally landed in Japan. Deplaning and going through security again took some time, and we only had about a half hour to explore the Tokyo airport.

We changed enough money for Tony to get a Wonda Gold coffee from a vending machine, I said “hello” to Kitty for Margaret, then I picked out an I Heart Tokyo T from the gift store.

I abandoned my purchase as soon as I saw the checkout line. Apparently everyone else in the airport needed to take home a little piece of Japan too – or they all wanted a stuffed Totoro.

In lieu of buying stuff, we decided to walk around for a few minutes. Turns out there’s a really cool origami museum right there in terminal one.

Even though I was pretty zonked out from the long flight, and if I’m honest the healthy dose of Xanex I took to stave off the white-knuckled terror of flying, I managed to get a little video of the origami.

While I couldn’t find any good photos of the terminal, I did find more photos of the origami museum on Flickr.

Narita Tokyo International Airport Origami Museum




The Adventure Continues

Beautiful, right? So much of the origami is out in the open, you could reach out and touch it if there weren’t little signs telling you not to.

After a spin around the museum and a failed attempt to find another Tokyo shirt, it was time to get on another plane. Four more hours of flying and we would officially be in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned for more videos and photos from our trip, including a day trip to what we’ve been affectionately calling “Spider Island” … you’ll see. Thanks for reading!

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